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[U.S. 3rd Armored Spearhead Division Patch] 3rd Armored Division "Spearhead" Photo Album

Third Armored Division's finished its last day of combat on April 24, 1945. On May 13, Third Armored headquarters moved to Darmstadt, Germany where the Division served until deactivated in November 1945.

Units, persons, and locations mentioned in the photo album:
  • Units: 3rd Armored Division
  • Persons: unknown
  • Locations: Hausen, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Germany; Nice, France;
  • Men and Vehicles
    [Soldiers of 3rd Armored Division, Hausen, Germany]
    Men and vehicles of 3rd Armored "Spearhead" Division in Hausen, Germany.
    [Halftracks of 3rd Armored Division in Germany] [GI of 3rd Armored Division in Hausen, Germany]

    Regimental Parade
    [3rd Armored Division Men and Halftracks at Regimental Parade]
    Regimental parade with halftracks in the foreground and troops in formation in the background. Parades took place on a former German airfield with wrecked "Jerry" planes still on the edge of the field.
    [3rd Armored Division Halftracks, Regimental Parade] [3rd Armored Division Unit Parade]

    USO Camp Show
    USO Camp Shows continued in Europe after the end of war. Here Shep Field and his band perform on stage under the Spearhead emblem. Two photos are labeled: "Shep Fields, lower-left, and "Bob Stuart", lower-right.
    [USO camp show, 3rd Armored Division, Germany 1945] [USO camp show, 3rd Armored Division, Germany 1945]
    [USO camp show in Europe, Shep Fields] [USO camp show] [USO camp show in Europe, Bob Stuart]

    German Flak
    By the end of the war, destroyed and abandoned German heavy flak guns littered the countryside.
    [GI of 3rd Armd. Div. with Abandoned German Flak] [Destroyed German 88mm]
    [Destroyed WWII German Flak Position] [GI with Abandoned German Flak Gun]

    [Allied Airstrip on Route to Nord Darmstadt]
    "Airstrip on route to Nord Darmstadt."
    "On Guard Post 3."
    [GI of 3rd Armored at Guard Post]
    [General Hodges Bridge, Rhine River]
    "Gen. Hodges Bridge, Rhine River crossing at Kolbertz."
    "Nord Darmstadt - The whole city is like this block after block. They used to make buzz bombs here."
    [Nord Darmstadt, Germany]
    [3rd Arm. Div. G.I. in Nice, France on July 4th]
    "Fourth of July, Nice, France."

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