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[71st Infantry Division Patch]  608th Field Artillery Battalion Photo Album (71st Infantry Division)

The following is a small set of only 8 photos from Battery C of the 608th Field Artillery Battalion which was integral to the 71st Infantry Division. Originally a mountain artillery unit equipped with the 75mm Pack Howitzer, the 608th was reorganized with towed 105mm howitzers before deployment in Europe.

The 71st Infantry Division was shipped to France in February 1945 and entered combat near Moselle in March. The division crossed into Germany near Pfalz, and fought alongside the 100th Infantry Division at Bitche. In April, the 71st joined the Third Army and battled the 6th SS Mountain Division in Bavaria. In May, the 71st crossed into Austria and drove on to cross the Enns River. The division remained in Austria for several months after WW2 on occupation duty before returning home.    [GIs with sign for 608th FA Bn, Battery C]

[Truck of 608th FA Bn, Battery C]   A truck of C Battery as confirmed by bumper markings: "71-608" on the left denoting 71st Infantry Division, 608th Field Artillery and "C-13" on the right denoting 13th vehicle of C Battery.

Unfortunately, none of the photos are labelled and the remaining photos do not contain any soldiers or locations which can be identified.

[608th FA Bn WWII Photo]   [608th FA Bn WWII Photo]

[608th Field Artillery Battalion WWII Photo]    [608th Field Artillery Battalion WWII Photo]
[608th Field Artillery Battalion WWII Photo]    [608th Field Artillery Battalion WWII Photo]

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