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[591st Emblem] 591st Engineer Boat Regiment/2759th Combat Engineers Photo Album

The 591st Engineer Boat Regiment was initially part of the 1st Engineer Special Brigade and was responsible for operating boats in ship-to-shore or shore-to-shore military operations. After these tasks were assumed by the navy, the 591st was transferred to other engineering duties. The 591st later became the 1185th Engineer Group, and finally the 591st Engineer Combat Group with three Battalions including the 2759th Combat Engineers.

[591st Emblem: We Strike]

Units, persons, and locations mentioned in the photo album:
  • Units: 591st Engineer Boat Regiment, 2759th Engineers, 81st Station Hospital, 7th Army
  • Persons: Edmund J. Chrzanowski*, Edwin J. "Eddie" Landry*, John Lahey*, Fritz* [Raymond W. Fritz], Louis Sausa, Sonnefeld? (Sonenfeld?), Hopkins* [James F. Hopkins], George, Savoie? (Savoil?), Petterson (Patterson?), Sgt. Holeyfield* [Cletus J. Holeyfield], Cpl. Malik* [Stanislaw Malik], Ralph Marshall, Eddie Zabilski
  • Locations: Bizerta, Tunisia; Naples, Pisa, Leghorn, Italy; Aalen, Germany
  • * Names confirmed from unit roster, full names in bracket italics are from unit roster.

    If you have more information on the 591st in WW2 or the soldiers pictured, please contact us.


    Signs of Company G.
    [Sign for 591st Engineers, Co. G]
    [Sign for 591st Engineers, Co. G]
    [Tent from Company G, 591st Engineer Boat Regiment]

    Pvt. E.J. Chrzanowski and Pvt. E.J. Landry in North Africa dated December 7, 1942 with French Marine and African soldier.
    [Chrzanowski and Landry] [GIs Chrzanowski and Landry with French Marine] [GIs Chrzanowski and Landry with African soldier]

    Three camp photos, unknown date and location:
    [Fritz, Sonnefeld, me]
    Fritz, Sonnefeld(?), me.
    [Sonenfeld and me]
    Sonenfeld(?) and me
    [Fritz and myself]
    Fritz and myself

    Christmas dinner overseas, December 25, 1943:
    [Turkey! Christmas Dinner, 1943.]
    [591st Christmas Dinner, 1943]
    Me - the handsome waiter!
    [Our Xmas cake, Sausa & Lahey (Italian P.W. in background)]
    Our Xmas cake, Sausa & Lahey (Italian P.W. in background)

    Series of photos taken December 25, 1943. Top to bottom, left to right: (i) Lahey, (ii) me, (iii) L - R - Lahey - Sausa, me, (iv) Italians cracking nuts, (v) me, (vi) me, (vii) Lahey & I, (viii) Lahey again, (ix) Italians - Sausa and Lahey.
    [Christmas 1943, North Africa: 591st Engineer Boat Regiment]

    Three photos showing men and trucks of the unit dated April 12, 1944. The truck bumpers display the unit code PBS-591-E. (PBS is the abbreviation for Peninsular Base Section.)
    [Truck and GI, 591st Engineers, Peninsular Base Section] [GIs, 591st Engineers, Peninsular Base Section] [Truck and GIs, 591st Engineers, Peninsular Base Section]

    [Wreckage of WWII Axis Airplanes]   Wreckage of Axis planes, included for the interesting caption: Jerry's planes that got shot down. Maybe I should say one of the many. Don't I look like one of those aviators or do I? The other wreckage is from a seaplane but it makes a good shot I think. Only a touch of the damage but there will be more. - Ed Landry

    [81st Station Hospital with Captured Kubelwagen]   81st Station Hospital with a lineup of U.S. ambulances and a captured German Kubelwagen, probably in North Africa.

    A series of photos from North Africa:
    [Inspection, Africa]
    Inspection, Africa
    [Inspection Company Area, Africa]
    Inspection Company Area, Africa
    [Company area, Africa]
    Company area, Africa
    [In the middle is our baker, Africa]
    In the middle is our baker, Africa
    [Before convoy we made, Africa]
    Before convoy we made, Africa
    [Sgt. Holeyfield, Cpt. Malik, Africa]
    Sgt. Holeyfield, Cpt. Malik, Africa
    [Tunisia, Africa]
    Tunisia Africa
    [Prisoners, Africa, 374 Eddie Zabilski's ship]
    Prisoners, Africa, 374 Eddie Zabilski's ship
    [Plane hanger blown up, Africa]
    Plane hanger blown up, Africa
    [Axis plane graveyard, Africa]
    Enemy's plane graveyard, Africa

    Redesignated 2759 Engineers, the unit supported the 7th Army in fighting in France and Germany. The following 9 photos are from one roll of film, but unfortunately none of the photos are labelled. The vehicles bear the unit bumper markings "7-A 2759-E" for 7th Army, 2759th Engineers.
    [WWII Soldiers, Trucks, and Equipment of 2759th Engineers, U.S. 7th Army]

    Heavy equipment of 2759th Engineers:
    [Convoy of Heavy Equipment: 2759th Engineers] [Bulldozer: 2759th Engineers]
    [Trucks and Heavy Equipment: 2759th Engineers] [Truck Showing Unit Bumper Markings: 2759th Engineers]

    [WWII German War Cemetery]   The cost of war. A soldier of the unit in front of German war graves.

    Destroyed railyards in and around Aalen, Germany.
    [Destroyed German Railyards and Rolling Stock near Aalen, Germany in WWII]
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    2. History of the 591st Engineer Boat Regiment, Thomas L. Allen, Garamond/Pridemark Press, 1978.

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