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"German 105-mm Gun" from Tactical and Technical Trends

The following WWII report on the German 105-mm medium artillery gun was originally printed in Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 12, November 19, 1942.

[DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from the U.S. War Department publication Tactical and Technical Trends. As with all wartime intelligence information, data may be incomplete or inaccurate. No attempt has been made to update or correct the text. Any views or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the website.]


A recent report on the German 105-mm gun, called the 10-cm Kanone 18, gives some details not included in the summary of German weapons in Tactical and Technical Trends, No. 9, p. 46. This gun is a standard medium artillery piece, and the split-trail carriage is the same as that used with another German medium artillery weapon, the 150-mm howitzer. It may be either horse-drawn or split into two loads and motor-drawn.

Other characteristics are as follows:

Rate of fire       6 rpm
Length of bore40 cals
Weight in action11,220 lbs
Elevation-3° to +50°
Weight of HE shell33 1/2 lbs

The ballistic characteristics for the HE shell are given in the following table:

       Maximum      Time of      50% Zone (yds)
Charge Range (yds) Flight (secs) Length      Breadth
Small      13,800      52      106      17
Medium 17,200 62 117 20
Large 20,600 70 128 22

The figure 208 was originally reported for the "50%, zone, length, large charge," but 128 has been substituted as being more probable.


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