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Weekly Photo Feature 1

This section will feature different pictures from our collection of WWII documents, publications, and photographs. Each week or so, a new features page will be added with several interesting pictures or documents.

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This week features two photos of captured German equipment in North Africa in 1943 from the Recognition Journal, May 1944. [Click on either picture for a larger version.]

The tank is a standard Panzer II light tank armed with 20-mm cannon. On the right is the German Sdkfz 233 8-wheeled armored car which had a three-man crew and mounted a 75mm KwK L/24 gun.

For another view of a Panzer II captured by U.S. forces in North Africa, see Tankers in Tunisia, Part 1.

[Captured German Panzer II tank and 8-wheeled armored car]
ORIGINAL CAPTION: U.S. Rangers round up enemy equipment at El Guettar. At left is the PzKw Mark II, smallest and oldest German tank. Once it was a Panzer standby, adding speed and punch to the rapid invasion of Poland and the Low Countries and carrying Nazi infantry in swift pursuit of a disorganized enemy. Now obsolescent, its Mark II chassis has been used to mount several SP guns. At the right is Nazi 8-wheeled armored car.

[German Panzer II light tank captured in Tunisia]
ORIGINAL CAPTION: Nazi light tank PzKw II has a short broad silhouette, flat-topped hull, and a low angular bow reinforced by spare track segments. Turret is squat and slab-sided except at front where it forms sloping curve. Rear of turret has a heavy boxlike extension. Several versions of the Mark II have existed. The one above mounts a 20-mm. cannon. Five medium-sized bogie wheels are sprung by unusual elbowlike rocker arms.


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