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WWII Photo Feature 30: Bill Mauldin

This section features different pictures from our collection of WWII documents, publications, and photographs. As time permits, new feature pages will be added with additional pictures and documents.

Bill Mauldin, the famous Willie and Joe cartoonist, is shown in these two informal GI snapshots in his jeep "Jeanie" in Italy near the Po River. Mauldin's characters Willie and Joe started in the 45th Infantry Division newspaper while Mauldin was in the 45th. The cartoons depicting life for the average infantryman started to appear to a much larger audience in Stars and Stripes in 1943.

In a June 1945 magazine article, Time described Bill Mauldin and his jeep named for his wife Jean:

In a jeep named "Jeanie" he covered the fronts, commuting between Cassino and the Anzio beachhead, making his left-handed sketches with India ink, which he got from the engineers, and three carefully guarded worn-out brushes.

[Bill Mauldin (Willie and Joe Cartoonist) in His Jeep Jeanie]
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[Bill Mauldin in Italy, WWII (Willie and Joe Cartoonist)]
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