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Weekly Photo Feature 8

This section will feature different pictures from our collection of WWII documents, publications, and photographs. Each week or so, a new features page will be added with several interesting pictures or documents.

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This week, we feature four Signal Corp photographs of German equipment from 1944-1945 issues of the U.S. military training magazine "Coastal Artillery". The captions are taken from the original wartime publication and may not be accurate.
A Mark V, La Gleize    [Panzer Mark V Panther, La Gleize]
A German flak-wagon, mounting two captured American 50's, captured near Mortagne, France.    [German flak mount with two captured American 50s]
German 305mm gun, abandoned near Wollseifen.    [German 305mm gun abandoned near Wollseifen]
...A German 20mm Bofors, captured in the Saverne area. From the slight indication of damage, the gun should soon be shooting at its former owners.    [German flak gun captured in the Saverne area]

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