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[Armored Forces Patch] Tankers in Tunisia

[Cover: Tankers in Tunisia]   
Tankers in Tunisia was a manual prepared for men training at the Armored Replacement Training Center at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The manual consisted of interviews with officers and enlisted men in Tunisia during April 1943. The interviews were compiled by Brig. Gen. T. J. Camp in North Africa.

The manual contains frank assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of the U.S. Army including its training and equipment.

The men interviewed came from a range of units including the 60th Infantry, 6th Armored Infantry, 1st Armored Regiment, 13th Armored Regiment, 751st Tank Battalion, and 91st Armored Field Artillery Battalion.

  Preface [intro. & contents]
Part 1 [original pp. 1-12]
Part 2 [original pp. 13-19]
Part 3 [original pp. 19-24]
Part 4 [original pp. 24-27]
Part 5 [original pp. 28-30]
Part 6 [original pp. 31-35]
Part 7 [original pp. 35-39]
Part 8 [original pp. 40-44]
Part 9 [original pp. 44-49]
Part 10 [original pp. 49-53]
Part 11 [original pp. 54-60]
Index [original pp. 61-62]

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