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[70th Infantry Division Patch]    "The A-T Weeknee" - 275th Infantry Regiment (70th Infantry Division)
Excerpts from a small, humorous newsletter for the enlisted men of the Antitank Company, 275th Infantry Regiment, 70th Infantry Division. "Published once a week because we have nothing else to do," the paper's humor is generally at the expense of the officers, and includes a fair number of off-color jokes. From the context, the paper appears to have been published in May 1945, shortly after V-E Day. ["?" represent unreadable text in the original.]

For more information on the 275th Infantry Regiment and the 70th Infantry Division in WWII, visit the official website of the 70th Infantry Division "Trailblazers" Association.


[The A-T Weeknee: Published Once A Week Because We Have Nothing Else To Do]

—     —     —     —     —     —     —     —     —    

   Many changes have been wrought in this organization since the first fillers were received in September 1943. Only 27 of the original 180 men remain with the company. There have been many men to enter and leave the company all of whom have been welcomed and all have readily fallen in line and soon felt their part in the organization.

   Nearly a year ago, on June 1, 1944, the company had only a total of 90 enlisted personnel assigned. We were then in Camp Adair, Oregon. On 22 July the organization departed from Camp Adair and arrived at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., 26 July. After much changing of personnel and much rigid training, the unit departed from Ft Wood 18 November for the Port of Embarkation, at which we arrived 20 November, 1944. On 6 December, the unit left the POE for overseas duty. We landed at Marseilles, France, 15 December, and from there went to Delta Base Staging Area the same day. The company left the staging area by two convoys one motor and one by rail, on 22 December for parts unknown. We arrived at Weyersheim on Christmas Day. The company moved from Weyersheim to Se??nheim on New Year's Eve and on New Year's Day, went to Reichoffen.

   On 2 January, 1945 the company saw its first action. We remained at Reichoffen and Neiderbronn, a neighboring town, with the first and third platoons seeing action at Phillipsbourg and the second platoon in action at Barenthal. After spending some time there, we moved on to Zinsweiller for a few days and after stopping one night at Lampersheim, went on to Hundling, arriving there ?? January. We stayed at Hundling until 21 February. From Hundling we moved to Kadenbronn and from there to Crossbliedersdorf on 23 February. The three gun platoons and the mine platoon were active all this time and were in a number of small towns.

   On 21 March, 1945, the company entered Germany and set up at Saarbrucken. From there we went to Linden on 25 March, to Partenheim on 2 April, and from Partenheim to Dromersheim on 6 April.

   I believe, speaking for the members of the company, there is no division we would rather be in than the "Trailblazer" division, and in our estimation, the 275th is the best unit in the division and we say this with all modesty. We know that at least for the old timers in the company, there is no company like Anti-Tank, 275th Infantry.

   -- 1st Sgt Marion E. Randolph.

—     —     —     —     —     —     —    


   The Regimental Commander, Colonel Dykes and Captain Brown honored the company by having dinner with the company officers 22 April 1945.

   There was quite a bit of confusion in the company, however, on the part of the officers before the visit by Colonel McAleer. To begin with, they had a dry run the evening before to sharpen their long lost table manners. A correspondent of this paper had the opportunity of being present at this dry run.

   The practice meal got off with a grand rush when everyone dashed in and grabbed a chair. Lt Solomon bellowed "Pass me the goddam meat", and at the same time Lts Meyer and Andres grabbed for it. Those German dishes must be well made to stand such an ensuing strain.

   While the three were fighting over the meat, Lt Fallis dumped the raisins into the potatoes and with two slices of bread in one hand and started eating with the other, using a tablespoon, and taking huge gulps of coffee from the pot between bites.

   Captain Sowers, during this misbehavior of his officers, had been sitting looking on and thinking. Suddenly he stood up and called "Attention". Of course the officers all came to the standard Benning version. The captain proceeded to give "At Ease" and said,

   "If I remember correctly, this is not the way we gentlemen do it at home."

   "Hell No!!", burst out Lt. Solomon "I'd just knock the hell out of both of them back in Bull's Gap."

   All got quieted and the meal was progessing reasonably well when in comes old Dave and begins looking in corners and behind furniture.

   "What the hell are you looking for?" Lt Meyer yells.

   "My waiter, sir," meekly replies Sgt Davis and leaves. The meal was finished without a great deal more confusion.

   The afternoon the Colonel was to dine with the officers, there was quite a stir. To begin with, the officers excepting Lt Fallis, began getting dressed right after noon. All were parading around in "Ike" jackets by two o'clock. About one hour before the Colonel was to arrive, this correspondent walked into the Orderly Room. Lt Meyer was fussing with Lt. Hess's tie, Lt Solomon was adjusting Lt Meyer's belt and Lt Hess was combing Lt Meyer's long curly locks. All were arguing about whether they should wear green, khaki, or OD shirts, or whether they should wear bars on their shirt collars or not, and the captain was standing back making criticisms. During this Lt Fallis was running around with brown paint and brush trying to get one of them to hold still long enough to get his nose painted.

   The guests arrived and all accounts indicate that dinner went fine until the guests started to leave and the place was turned inside out looking for Colonel Dykes' pistol. The pistol was finally found in the Colonel's jeep where Lt Solomon had hid it.

   One thing Colonel McAleer doesn't know is that the champagne served to him were from his own mess.

—     —     —     —     —     —     —    


   Before a K-9 Special Courts Martial held here 21 April, Private (then Sergeant) ADOLPH, (CP dog) was sentenced to confinement at hard labor for 3 months and a reduction in rank for violation of the non-fraternization law, the 61st K-9 AW (AWOL), K-9 107th AW. Highlights of the case were when T/5 Logue, Adolph's defense counsel, protested to the accusation of fraternization. He said,

   "It is absolutely and positively impossible to prove the defendant fraternized."

   T/3 Allen, AT Co. Medic, was then brought to the stand. He stated that immediately upon Adolph's return he had given the dog a "Short-arm" and it was definite that the dog had fraternized.

   The defense council then made the statement that this was no proof of Adolph's guilt.

   "There may be a K-9 Corps in this vicinity," he stated. Headquarters was then contacted and it was found that the nearest K-9 corps personnel were at a distance of 70 miles.

   The defense council then declared it was possible for Adolph to go 140 miles in four days. Pvt Henderson was then sent out with his jeep to clock the dog's speed. It was found and finally decided that if Adolph could make 140 miles in 4 days that he would neither have time or would he be able to be exposed in the meantime.

   Adolph was convicted of all three charges.

   The K-9 SCM Order of the trial is printed below and will be read by all K-9 EM in this organization.

        Hq, AT Co., 275 Inf
        APO 461     US ARMY

Order 1)            22 Apr 45

   In a K-9 Special Court Martial which convened at _______ pursuant to Par 1, KSO 1, these Hq, 22 Apr was arraigned and tried:

   Sgt Dutch French Adolph K1000123
   AT. Co., 275th Inf.

CHARGE: Violation of the 61st KAW, 107 KAW, and the non-fraternization laws.

SPECIFICATION 1: In that Sgt Adolph was absent from his organization from on or about 17 Apr 45 to on or about 21 Apr 45.

SPECIFICATION 2: In that Sgt Adolph did have a physical examination and found to have VD.

SPECIFICATION 3: In that Sgt Adolph since he had VD, (Specification 2) and since there were no K-9 Corps in running distance, did fraternize.

To all Specifications and Charges: Not Guilty.

To all Specifications and Charges: Guilty.

SENTENCE: To be confined at hard labor for 3 months and reduced to the grade of Pvt.

The sentence was abjudged 22 Apr 45. So much of the sentence in regard to reduction of rank is remitted. As Modified, the sentence is approved, but the execution thereof, in so far as relates to hard labor and confinement, is suspended.

   T/5 Logue, since Adolph's return, has taken off his black underwear.

   Now we've got two dogs in Hqs. Twenty-four hours after Adolph went AWOL, he was dropped from the morning report, and no sooner dropped than in comes Pvt Henderson with a replacement. Adolph doesn't seem to know it, but the new K-9 is also male. Adolph keeps trying.

—     —     —     —     —     —     —    


   One of our big problems in putting this conglomeration to press has been the paper to print it on.

   Now, thanks to Lt Andres, Lt Solomon and their able assistant Pfc Carper, we have paper and other material to last for several weeks.

—     —     —     —     —     —     —    


   This is your paper.

   Whether or not you send in material for it will determine whether it will be worthwhile.

—     —     —     —     —     —     —    

   For the last few days the company has been securing and distributing Stars and Stripes by noon, even though Regiment doesn't have them out until late afternoon. However we are sorry to say that it may not be possible for this to continue long.

—     —     —     —     —     —     —    


   For sale, trade, or just take them off our hands -- 79 bicycles.

- - - - - - -
   Dave's Lunch Counter-Good stew CHEAP!!
- - - - - - -
   Jim and Pappy's Garage, Inc., Prompt service, best flat-fixer in town.
- - - - - - -
   Holober's Radio Service. Just bring the parts.
- - - - - - -
   Wilson's News Stand. Open only on Tuesdays.
- - - - - - -
   Cognac Epprecht's Bar. Bring your bottles.
- - - - - - -
   Lague's Mail Office, located at Haus No. 10, Schwalbenschwanz. From 0700 to 2100 daily service. Money orders, cablegrams, telegrams, stamps, envelopes, V-mail stationery. Free delivery and packages handled with delicate care.

—     —     —     —     —     —     —    

POOP from the Group

   Most everyone is saving his money for investment in Germany after the war. But we're still undecided as to whether to manufacture brassieres or window glass.

- - - - - - -
   S/Sgt Davis, the Mess Sgt, was scratching his head and trying to figure out why he so suddenly had five volunteers for peeling spuds. Looking past the back porch, where the spud peelers were, he discovered one reason--but T/4 Greco says that wasn't the real reason! We've been expecting a confession from him. We're beginning to get impatient, though, and may resort to Gestapo methods on him. Take notice, Tony.
- - - - - - -
   We would like to take an inventory of the truck of the 2nd squad, Third Platoon. All that is needed is a cash register and a sales counter.
- - - - - - -
   The snappiest salute in the company is that rendered by Cpl "God Fearin'" McFerin, who with his mouth so full of candy he looked like he had been blown up with Jim's air compressor, and a raincoat that made him look like Mr Five by Five, he threw a salute to the Captain that would make a West Pointer green with envy.
- - - - - - -
   The fur-lined pot intercompany baseball tournament started off with a bang Monday with the Third Platoon winning 6-1 over the Mine Platoon.
- - - - - - -
   AT was finally given another officer's pass to Paris, which the Captain took. After much bull and with poor Davis pressing clothes till he was blue in the face, the Captain finally got off, much to the regret of all of Headquarters personnel, at least. Now Davis doesn't know what to do with himself in the evenings as Lt Meyer won't drive around and leg-gase. God, will he be glad when the Captain returns!!!
- - - - - - -
   The Company Commander received a lengthy letter from J. Edgar Hoover, requesting the services of two officers of this company for the FBI. They have uncovered firearms (by digging for them) and have taken care of a number of German underground workers. (They ran four women and three kids out of a cellar.) The two officers are not expecting a discharge for the convenience of the government--to join the FBI forces. Of course, some have different meanings for the letters FBI. No Names to be mentioned, but on the QT they are the commanders of the 1st and 3rd platoons.
- - - - - - -
   Well, some one thinks we'll be in this place for quite some time. Pfc George Smith of the Third platoon is already receiving baby food from the States.
- - - - - - -
   We see in a recent picture of Corporal Spier's wife that she is dressing in the best style. She should!! She received the major part of the pay of several members of the Third platoon, besides Corporal Spier's.
- - - - - - -
   Casey and Sabuda are reunited!!
- - - - - - -
   Pvt Glazebrook is dissatisfied, only five years in the Army and he thinks with all his bucking he should be Pfc.

—     —     —     —     —     —     —     —     —    

Other soldiers mentioned: Corporal Blaylock, Box, Pvt Conerton, Sgt Elliot, Pfc "Lightning" Giordano, Pvt Hansen, T/5 Cal Hendricks, "Wild Bill" Kamin, Kelley, "Ricochett" Robinson, Pfc Young.

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