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WWII Acronyms Dictionary

Acronyms are abbreviations formed from the initial letter or letters of words or syllables. The following is a list of popular acronyms related to World War II. The emphasis of this list is acronyms which appear on the Lone Sentry website.

AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery
AEFAllied Expeditionary Forces
APOArmy Post Office
AWOLAbsent WithOut Leave
BARBrowning Automatic Rifle
BEFBritish Expeditionary Force
CBIChina Burma India Theater
CBSCentral Base Station
CCCombat Command
CPCommand Post
ETOEuropean Theater of Operations
ETOUSAEuropean Theater of Operations, United States Army
FAField Artillery
HEHigh Explosive
IDInfantry Division
LCILanding Craft, Infantry
LCMLanding Craft, Mechanized
LCSLanding Craft, Support
LCTLanding Craft, Tank
MAMMedium Automotive Maintenance
MPMilitary Police
MTBMotor Transport Brigade
PFCPrivate First Class
POLPetrol, Oil, Lubricants
PWPrisoner of War
RAFRoyal Air Force
RCAFRoyal Canadian Air Force
RCTRegimental Combat Team
RTORailway Traffic Officer
SHAEFSupreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces
SOLOCSouthern [O] Line Of Communications
SOSServices of Supply
TACTactical Air Command
TCTransportation Corps
TDTank Destroyer
TFTask Force
USAAFUnited States Army Air Force
USAFBIUnited States Army Forces in the British Isles
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
VEVictory in Europe
WACWomen's Army Corps
ZIZone of the Interior

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