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Mortars of World War II

Allied Nations:

United States:

60mm M2:

81mm M1:

Soviet Union:

50mm RM39/40:

82mm BM41/BM43:


2-in Mortar:

3-in Mortar:

Axis Nations:


5cm Granatwerfer 36 (Gr.W. 36):

50-mm Light Mortar - U.S. intel comparison of German 5cm mortar to U.S. 60-mm mortar (IB, 1/43)
5-cm Light Mortar, Model 36

8cm Granatwerfer 34 (Gr.W. 34):

12cm Granatwerfer 42 (Gr.W. 42):

Other German Mortars:

German 100-mm Mortar - Nebelwerfer, smoke and HE mortar (T&TT, 5/43)
New Type 105-mm Mortar - Brief report on "new-type" 105-mm mortar (T&TT, 5/43)
German 200-mm Spigot Mortar - Ladungswerfer, engineer weapon (T&TT, 9/43)


45mm Model 35:

81mm Model 35:

Italian 81-mm Mortar - Italian Model 35 compared to US 81-mm (IB, 1/43)


50mm Model 89:

81mm Model 97/99:

90mm Model 94/97:

Other Japanese Mortars:

New Weapons Captured at Ormoc - Japanese 120-mm mortar and 81-mm barrage mortar (IB, 3/45)
Japanese 150-mm Mortar - Model 97 150-mm mortar with illustrations (IB, 2/45)

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