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Tank Destroyer Battalion Websites

If you know of additional Tank Destroyer websites we missed, leave us a note on the site forum.


600 Series:

628th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Combat history published by the 628th in 1945 on 5th Armored Division website. (No photographs.)

630th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Unit history, after action reports, maps and photographs for the 630th.

634th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Brief history of the 634th along with unit rosters and After Action Reports for August 1944. No photographs.

644th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Veteran Bill Walker's history of the 644th in Europe. Website includes unit history, rosters, assignments, campaigns, and an extensive collection of photographs of the unit.

645th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Combat history and veteran's photographs at 45th Infantry Division website.

654th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Personal story of Sgt. Frederick G. Easley of the 654th.

661st Tank Destroyer Battalion - Brief history of the 661st at 69th Infantry Division website.

691st Tank Destroyer Battalion - Official unit history of the 691st along with personal photographs of Tony Latoche.

700 Series:

705th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Short text history of the 705th on the 11th Armored Division website.

776th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Combat history, list of KIA, list of combat decorations, and several photographs on the 100th Infantry Division website.

778th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Details of the 778th including unit history, men killed in action, medal recipients, and roster of officers. Several photographs.

800 Series:

808th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Extensive website devoted to the 808th including rosters, unit history, officers, equipment, and personal photographs. Recommended.

814th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Short list of books and research materials related to the 814th.

818th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Excellent collection of photographs, rosters, personal accounts, and documents related to the 818th. Recommended.

821st Tank Destroyer Battalion - Official unit history along with a large collection of unpublished photographs.

824th Tank Destroyer Battalion - Combat history including a small number of photographs on the 100th Infantry Division website.

899th Tank Destroyer Battalion - History of the 899th and unit rosters.

Other Resources:

Tank Destroyer Society - Society devoted to preserving the history of the Tank Destroyer Force.

Tank Killers - Author Harry Yeide's website with additional information on the Destroyer Force during WWII.

M36 Crew Drill Manual - Field manual for the crew of the M36 Tank Destroyer.


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