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[U.S. Army Service Forces Patch] Photos from T/4 Tancrede J. Pouliot, 503rd Ordnance Company

The following photographs were contributed from the World War II photo album of T/4 Tancrede J. Pouliot of 503rd Ordnance Company. All photos are displayed by permission. Photo copyright belongs to the original owner.

If you have any information on T/4 Tancrede J. Pouliot and his service in the 503rd Ordnance Company, please contact the photographs' owner: jeanbarb@verizon.net.

Studio photograph of S/Sgt. Tancrede J. Pouliot   [S/Sgt Tancrede J. Pouliot]

Luftwaffe debris: wrecked German fighter aircraft.   [Luftwaffe debris: wrecked German fighter aircraft]

A German Panther Ausf G tank in Normandy, according to the original caption.   [A German Panther Ausf G tank in Normandy, according to the original caption]

German prisoners of war. (These German prisoners of war drove themselves in their own trucks to surrender to the GI's. One guard was posted for every fifty POW's. They set up their own mess and fed themselves from GI rations and what they brought themselves. As seen in the photos, some are not shy for the camera but others hide their face in fear of retaliation against their families back in Germany.)     [WWII German POWs]
[WWII German POWs]

Group photo. The G.I. standing on the right is T/4 Pouliot.   [G.I. group photo]

Examples of various uniform patches related to the service of the 503rd Ordnance Company.   [WWII uniform patches]

A photograph of Luftwaffe ME-262. The original notation on the back reads "German Jet Plane, May, 1945."   [German Jet Plane, May, 1945]

A group photo of men of the 503rd Ordnance Company. A notation on the back reads "Boys of my Company."   [Boys of my Company]

Liberation of Nancy, France, September 15, 1944. The notation on the back of the original reads "Nancy, liberation by American Army." (French women accused of collaboration with German occupiers have their heads shaved.)   [Nancy, liberation]

A jeep used by Mickey Rooney on one of his tours.   [Jeep used by Mickey Rooney]

Two photos of Dachau Concentration Camp in 1945 after liberation.   [Dachau Concentration Camp]

[Dachau Concentration Camp]

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