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[Destroyed German railroad guns, Bleckede, Germany]    U.S. soldier with two captured German heavy railroad guns at Bleckede, Germany. (Bleckede is located on the Elbe River near Hamburg.)

A late production German Panzer IV with mesh skirts from the area of Passau, Germany, May 1945.    [Late-production German Panzer IV]

[KO'd Panzer III, North Africa]    A photo taken from a U.S. convoy shows a destroyed Panzer III chassis in North Africa. In front of the Panzer III chassis is a Panzer IV turret, and a Tiger chassis is visible in the background.

Two views of a destroyed FW 190, probably in Italy.    [Destroyed German Focke Wulf 190, Italy]

[German Jagdtiger destroyed chassis]    Jagdtiger destroyed in Germany or Austria.

Soldiers of the U.S. 28th Infantry Division pose on the front of a German Bergepanther. (The Bergepanther was a modified Panther chassis used for tank recovery.)    [Bergepanther with 28th Inf Div GIs]

[150mm field howitzer mounted on a captured French Lorraine Schlepper]    Final resting place of a 150mm field howitzer mounted on a captured French Lorraine Schlepper. The Germans modified less than 100 of these vehicles from tractors captured in 1940. [Full designation: 15cm sFH 13/1 (Sf) auf Geschützwagen Lorraine Schlepper (f), Sd Kfz 135/1.]

Destroyed German aircraft including a Ju52, FW190, and Ju87.    [Destroyed German aircraft including a Ju52, FW190, and Ju87]

[Destroyed German biplanes]    Destroyed German biplanes at an unknown airfield.

Two German Bergepanther abandoned on the roadside.    [Two German Bergepanther]

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