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Days in Combat of U.S. Army Divisions in Europe, North Africa, and Middle East  
Sorted by Division:

 1st Inf. Div. 443
 2nd Inf. Div. 303
 3rd Inf. Div. 233
 4th Inf. Div. 299
 5th Inf. Div. 270
 8th Inf. Div. 266
 9th Inf. Div. 304
26th Inf. Div. 210
28th Inf. Div. 196
29th Inf. Div. 242
30th Inf. Div. 282
34th Inf. Div. 500
35th Inf. Div. 264
36th Inf. Div. 400
42nd Inf. Div. 106
44th Inf. Div. 190
45th Inf. Div. 511 
63rd Inf. Div. 119
65th Inf. Div. 55
66th Inf. Div. 91
69th Inf. Div. 86
70th Inf. Div. 83
71st Inf. Div. 62
75th Inf. Div. 94
76th Inf. Div. 107
78th Inf. Div. 125
79th Inf. Div. 248
80th Inf. Div. 239
83rd Inf. Div. 244
84th Inf. Div. 170
85th Inf. Div. (?)(unknown)
86th Inf. Div. 34
87th Inf. Div. 154
88th Inf. Div. 307
89th Inf. Div. 57
90th Inf. Div. 308
91st Inf. Div. (?)(unknown)
92nd Inf. Div. (?)(unknown)
94th Inf. Div. 209
95th Inf. Div. 151
97th Inf. Div. 41
99th Inf. Div. 151
100th Inf. Div. 163
102nd Inf. Div. 173
103rd Inf. Div. (?)(unknown)
104th Inf. Div. 200
106th Inf. Div. 63
 1st Armd. Div. (?)(unknown)
 2nd Armd. Div. (?)(unknown)
 3rd Armd. Div. 231
 4th Armd. Div. 230
 5th Armd. Div. 161
 6th Armd. Div. 272
 7th Armd. Div. 172
 8th Armd. Div. 63
 9th Armd. Div. 91
10th Armd. Div. 124
11th Armd. Div. 96
12th Armd. Div. 102
13th Armd. Div. 16
14th Armd. Div. 167
16th Armd. Div. 3
 20th Armd. Div.  8
 13th Airbn. Div. 0
 17th Airbn. Div. 45
 82nd Airbn. Div. 422
 101st Airbn. Div.  214
10th Mtn. Div. 114
2nd Cav. Div. 0
Sorted by Number of Days in Combat:

45th Inf. Div.511 
34th Inf. Div.500
 1st Inf. Div.443
 82nd Airbn. Div.422
36th Inf. Div.400
90th Inf. Div.308
88th Inf. Div.307
 9th Inf. Div.304
 2nd Inf. Div.303
 4th Inf. Div.299
30th Inf. Div.282
 6th Armd. Div.272
 5th Inf. Div.270
 8th Inf. Div.266
35th Inf. Div.264
79th Inf. Div.248
83rd Inf. Div.244
29th Inf. Div.242
80th Inf. Div.239
 3rd Inf. Div.233
 3rd Armd. Div.231
 4th Armd. Div.230
 101st Airbn. Div. 214
26th Inf. Div.210
94th Inf. Div.209
104th Inf. Div.200
28th Inf. Div.196
44th Inf. Div.190
102nd Inf. Div.173
 7th Armd. Div.172
84th Inf. Div.170
14th Armd. Div.167
100th Inf. Div.163
 5th Armd. Div.161
87th Inf. Div.154
95th Inf. Div.151
99th Inf. Div.151
78th Inf. Div.125
10th Armd. Div.124
63rd Inf. Div.119
10th Mtn. Div.114
76th Inf. Div.107
42nd Inf. Div.106
12th Armd. Div.102
11th Armd. Div.96
75th Inf. Div.94
66th Inf. Div.91
 9th Armd. Div.91
69th Inf. Div.86
70th Inf. Div.83
106th Inf. Div.63
 8th Armd. Div.63
71st Inf. Div.62
89th Inf. Div.57
65th Inf. Div.55
 17th Airbn. Div.45
97th Inf. Div.41
86th Inf. Div.34
13th Armd. Div.16
 20th Armd. Div. 8
16th Armd. Div.3
 13th Airbn. Div.0
2nd Cav. Div.0
85th Inf. Div.(?)(unknown)
91st Inf. Div.(?)(unknown)
92nd Inf. Div.(?)(unknown)
103rd Inf. Div.(?)(unknown)
 1st Armd. Div.(?)(unknown)
 2nd Armd. Div.(?)(unknown)
1.  Some divisions seem to have not compiled this statistic at all. For example, the 1st Armored Division's unit history reports a wide variety of statistics, but does not report the number of days in combat.

1.  The Army Almanac: A Book of Facts Concerning the Army of the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1950.
2.  Order of Battle of the United States Army, World War II, European Theater of Operations, Office of the Theater Historian, Paris, France, 1945.
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