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WWII Photo Feature 33: German War Graves
This section features documents and photographs from our personal collection of WWII historical material. As time permits, new feature pages will be added with additional photographs and documents.

A group of German war graves photographed by an Allied soldier in Italy. German military markers were often quite elaborate, even in temporary cemeteries such as the one shown here.   
[German Military Graves in Italy] 
The German soldier's names are visible on three of the markers:
Obfldw. Martin Wildgrube
[German Military Graves in Italy]
Gren. Dieter Kulke
[Gren. Dieter Kulke: German Military Graves in Italy]
Feldw. Walter Weber
[German Military Graves in Italy]

For another example of German war graves, see 591st Engineer Photo Album.

Source: LoneSentry.com Collection.

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